Brown Paper Pencil

100% Eco-Friendly, Long Lasting , Perfect grip, Easy of sharpen

1.45 INR

Minimum Order Quantity : 1000

box Price
26.5 INR

Minimum Order Quantity : 100


  • Feature Perfect Grip
  • Size Length :172mm , Dia :7.2mm
  • Color Brown
  • Material Brown Paper
  • Use For Pencil like wooden, 2B extra dark Lead, Suitable for Writing Purpose

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Brown Paper Pencils that are used for general writing purpose in homes, schools and offices. These paper pencils are made from recycled craft paper and cardboard unlike normal wooden pencils. The offered brown paper pencils are a small initiative towards preserving our ecology by recycling the old cardboard & other paper products, which reduce the cutting of trees. The manufacturing process of these pencils include rolling or wrapping paper layers tightly around the carbon lead by applying special glue simultaneously and evenly inside all the layers.