Plantable Seed Ball

100% Eco-Friendly, Long Lasting , Perfect grip, Easy of sharpen

1.4 INR

Minimum Order Quantity : 9000

box Price
1.4 INR

Minimum Order Quantity : 9000


  • Feature Perfect Grip
  • Size 172 mm
  • Color Multicolored
  • Material Velvet
  • Use For School Stationery & Gifting Purpose

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Plantable seed balls/bombs made of 100% Eco-friendly cotton pulp. Variety of live seed added in pulp while making the balls. Variety of seeds like Basil, Tomato, Chilly, Carrot, Brinjal are used for making plantble balls. Cotton pulp is bio-degradable material as after you plant the ball anywhere the cotton pulp will degrade in soil and seeds will germinate and will give a beautiful plant withing few days. A pack consists of 50 nos of seed balls. Note : Coir Pot shown in the picture is not a part of selling product. Only the seed balls are available for sell.